Why does my Nissan Leaf keep beeping? While Driving or When Charging

It can be very disheartening when you are driving around in your Leaf and the beeping starts to happen.  What could it be? Some owners claim that it hard to pin down because it does not happen all of the time.  I decided that it was time to find out the truth, and to do so, I started with the Nissan Leaf manual.  There are many forums that state that it is because of the FOB, the GPS, the doors, and on and on.

Why does my Nissan Leaf keep beeping? Your Nissan Leaf beeps mainly because of the charge connector.  A beep will go off once you put the charge connector into the charge port.  Once the charging begins, you will hear two beeps.  If you were to unlock the charge port door using your intelligent key by holding onto the plug and lock button, three beeps will occur.  The second way to open the charge port is by pressing the charge port lid switch within the Leaf, again three beeps will be heard. For owners that hear a continuous beep, the driver’s door has been opened.  Plus, if you were to leave the car in ACC or the on position, three beeps will warn you. 

Now that you are aware of what the manual states could be causing the warning beeps in your Nissan Leaf, there still may be cases where the beeps occur in out of the normal situations. I scanned the forums to find instances of mysterious beeps that get resolved.

If you hear an intermittent beep in your Leaf, make sure to check around for Bluetooth cell phones

I read online about an owner that had been trying for weeks to turn off the beeping in his Leaf that occurred every three minutes.  He thought that maybe a technician had caused the problem since he had had the car serviced.  He tried unplugging the 12v volt to reset the car, and the noise continued to happen even while driving.

The problem was that there had been a cell phone stuck between the seats.  The beeping was simply the cell phone crying out to be charged.  Some cell phones will warn you when a charge is needed.  So, if you hear a sound that is not acting like the sounds that are mentioned in the manual, look around for a stray device that might be causing the beeping.

Getting Three Beeps – Is this caused by the 12v battery?

Another situation experienced by a Leaf owner once the dreaded three beeps.  This can happen when you unlock the charging port with a FOB, but I read about another instance of this happening. The owner had not used his Leaf for a few months and apparently the 12v volt was dead.  He tried to connect a charger to it and the car started sounding off three beeps and it would not stop.  He disconnected the charger because it did not seem to be able to charge the 12-volt battery.

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After verifying that the 12v battery was actually not dead by using a sensor, he was floored.  He now had no idea as to why the beeping was still happening.  Finally, he remembered that there had been an indicator light stating that one of the tires had low pressure.  This indicator was lighting up from time to time.  He decided to change one of the TPMS sensors to see if the beeping problem would disappear.  Lucki;y, the sound stopped and everything was fine with the Leaf.

You need to think of different options when the beeping occurs in a Leaf.  It could be something as simple as a dead sensor that is inexpensive to change.  If you think that it might be the 12v battery, hook up a sensor to see if the battery has 12-12,5 volts.  If so, you will know that the battery is fine and then you can then move onto another possible cause to analyze.

Three Beeps in the Leaf, but not due to unlocking the charging port

I found another instance where the Leaf will beep three times.  It is also within the manual, but I did not notice it before until someone pointed it out to me.  If you incorrectly insert the charge connector into the charge port, 30 seconds later, the Leaf will beep three times.

If you Hate the Beep that Happens when you Backup Your Leaf, I have a solution for you

If you are tired of the beeping sound each time that you backup your Leaf, there is a way to turn it off. It can be embarrassing when you simply start to backup and the beeping goes off as a warning to others.  Many people feel that this is a great safety feature, but it can annoying especially if you are trying to park at night while others are sleeping.  Of course, Nissan is OK with this feature, but what if you are sick of it.  I not suggesting that you turn off the beeping sound when you are too close to an object while backing up, but it is really crucial to beep during the complete backup maneuver?

The most radical solution that I had read about was to disable all warning beeps.  A Tesla owner explained how he gained access to the compartment behind the glove compartment by taking out a few screws.  He then disconnected the VSP module.  You will need to look at the schematics to figure out what this module looks like so that you do not end up disconnected the wrong one.

This is going to turn off the backup beep, forward beep. charging beeps and all of the other warning beeps.  This is overkill I feel.  Stop trying to modify everything in your Leaf, there are reasons why warning beeps are occurring.  They were not just added so that you would fun trying to deactivate them on a boring weekend.

Another solution is to use Leaf Spy Pro. The program uses IOS and it will give you control over a lot of features that are currently not available to the average Leaf owner.  It does not seem to be easy to get to the screen where you can alter the beeping.  You will need to click on settings and then click on the service to get to the service screen.  Once on that screen, you alter the setting for the VSP module.  This is a lot better than disconnecting modules hidden behind the glove compartment that are only supposed to accessed by trained technicians.

Here is a video that explains how to turn off the beeping noise once reverse is initiated:

Why is there a Beep Sounding off when I turn off my Leaf?

A lot of owners would just assume that maybe a beep sounds off because it is the car’s way of letting you know that you had turned it off.  I have a Sonata hybrid and it plays a little tune when I turn it off.  However, we had enough beeps in our lives, why yet another one in the Nissan Leaf?

One person suggested that maybe the FOB had a low charge and that it was time to change the battery.  Nevertheless, there is a signal that appears that indicates that a battery change is required.  The image of a FOB will appear on the dashboard. A beep does not accompany this image, so this could not be causing this mysterious beep at shutdown.

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I searched around in the forums and I found out what could cause this beep.  The Leaf has a setting to turn on the fog lights.  Using fog lights is not a normal situation that the Leaf deals with automatically, they are controlled manually by the driver.  If you turn them on, you have to remember to turn them off.  If you were to turn off your car while the fog lights were still activated, a beep will sound off.  So, if you hear a mysterious beep, please ensure that you check to see if the fog lights are on.

Another Mysterious Beep that seems to be Totally Random, is it the Temperature?

I have heard of owners being concerned about a beep that happens usually after about 1 mile.  It just comes out of the blue and then it stops.  It does not seem to associated with an indicator on the dashboard.  One person felt that it could just the GPS indicating that they are approaching a turn in the predetermined route.

Finally, I noticed that people were noticing a quick flash of ‘low outside temp’.  The warning on the cluster disappears after a few seconds and the beep does not reoccur.  The Leaf flashes this warning when the outside temperature drops to below 38 degrees. It is nothing to fear.  It is normal.

However, if you feel that this warning is not helpful, you can turn it off.  Go to the settings on the left side of the cluster, and switch off the temperature warning.  You can also turn off the start-up sound here also if you are tired of hearing it every time that you turn on the Leaf.

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