What is the Tesla Jack Mode – Lifting your Tesla Tips

If you have a Model S or the Model X Tesla, you may have noticed that there is a mode in the manual that is called the Jack mode. if you were to try to jack up your vehicle, there an air suspension system that’s going to automatically try to level the four tires.  In other words, if one side is being lifted slightly more than the other, the car will adjust the suspension so that all tires are level. this is to ensure that the car is not damaged.

What is the Tellus Jack mode?  The Tesla Jack mode deactivates the air suspension system that levels the tires on a Tesla. This must be done in order for a mechanic to Jack safely the Tesla without causing damage or bodily harm. Tesla suggests that you have a technician for the jacking of the Tesla because the underside could be damaged if done incorrectly.  The jacking needs someone with technical experience to perform it.

If you do not deactivate the Jack mode, the car is going to self-level even if it is turned off.  Once you have initiated the Jack mode, the self-leveling will stop which means you’re not going to cause damage to your vehicle when it is jacked.

As a side note, the mode will be deactivated once your vehicle is traveling more than 3 miles per hour.  Also if your Tesla notices that it cannot lower itself to its perfect position, it will not do so because damage could occur. For instance, if you are parked where the bumper is over a  curb, the suspension function will not lower the car since it lowering it could cause damage to the bumper.

How to turn off the jack mode on a Tesla?

I read about an owner on a forum that stated that he had received damage to the front end of his Tesla after having parked in a parking lot at a mall. When he came out of the shopping mall,  he had noticed that the front end had been lowered to such a degree that it was touching the pavement and when he started to drive away,  he managed to scratch the bottom of the car.

A Technician stated to him that it’s probably a software glitch and that he should take the Tesla to a garage to see you an update was available for the Jack mode.   

Another owner stated that had to put something under the car while it was parked in the driveway so the jack mode would stay deactivated once the car has been turned off.

Numerous owners would like to know how they can turn off their Jack mode so that they will not have to worry about their Tesla lowering onto something while they are parked in their garages.

Someone else stated that when he had parked in a rut in his driveway, the Jack mode cause the car level at a strange angle.  In other words, if one tire is higher than the others, the jack mode will level the car. 

If you wish to turn off the Tesla Jack mode, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Press down in the brake then view the controls on the touch screen.
  2. Click on ‘suspension’ and then click on ‘jack’.
  3. You probably notice that it is activated since you are parked. 
  4. Press ‘jack’ again and then the jack mode will be deactivated.

Do Teslas come with a jack?

A Tesla does not come with a jack although some people believe that perhaps some Tesla do have one after they’ve used a loaner are or some other vehicle that has been dealt with by a service facility.  Nevertheless,  you might find a tow ring in your car, but that’s not a jack. 

The rationale behind not having a jack is very simple for Tesla. They don’t feel that it’s necessary and a jack assembly would add extra weight to the car since a jack usually means that the car will also have a spare tire. 

Studies have been conducted and only 15% of drivers actually ever use their jack even if it’s equipped with the car at the time of purchase. In other words, it would be a waste of funds for little added benefit to a Tesla.

Tesla has free roadside service which negates the need for having a jack within a car.  What they provide instead is the TPMS function which will monitor the air pressure in the tires.  If there’s a difference in the air pressure in one or more of the tires, the car will detect this problem and alert the driver so that the driver can drive to the nearest service station without the need for a tire change.

Tesla doesn’t actually want you to use a non-Tesla dealer to change your tires because they might add on a smaller tire that’s going to affect the suspension in the Tesla.  Another reason for not having spare tires in Teslas is that it takes up extra space.  They would like to give you as much cargo space as possible without having to increase the overall weight of the vehicle.

Even if you were to take your Tesla to a non-Tesla dealer,  they would probably steer away from helping you because of the added cost.  It costs at least $230 to repair a Tesla tire. There’s foam in the tires that has to be dealt with.

If you are the type of person that would feel more secure having a jack and a spare tire,  you will need to purchase an aftermarket assembly.  Something that is necessary is to use jack pads that lock into place on the underside of the Tesla to protect it while it is being jacked.  So if you are the DIY type that is changing the tire, use jack pads.

What are Tesla jack pads?


Tesla Jack pads that you place underneath the vehicle so that you will not damage the underside of the vehicle during jacking are important because that is also where the battery is located.

You’ll notice that there are four nippled areas underneath the Tesla where the jack pads can be positioned.  There are different types of jack pads that can be used on a Tesla. 

  1. You can print them using a 3D printer.  I noticed one printing plan that was for rectangular jack pads that had a magnet on the handle part.  The magnet held the pad in place.  I have noticed that the 3D printer types seem to look more like prototypes than actual products so I’m not sure how sturdy they would be since there is movement from side to side which is dangerous when using the jack in my opinion. Click here to see the pricing on the 3d Printer by Anycubic, which is available on Amazon.
  2. Another type that is available online is the rubber plug type it looks like a puck that has a handle on it that is inserted into the holes underneath the Tesla frame.  I’m not too sure about this one because it seems as if the rubber o-ring is tight which could cause it wear over time.   So you have to buy more of these pucks.  Nevertheless, it seems to be quite stable once they have been inserted in the holes on the underside of the Tesla.
  3. The aluminum type of puck-like jack pads are all right but I would be afraid that the rubber o-ring would wear down over time.
  4. Another type of Tesla jack pad is similar to the aluminum pad but it has a rubberized coating.  Its O-ring is further down on the shaft that is on the puck which means that is not constantly rubbing on the sides of the holes in the four corners of the Tesla.   Also, many of these rubberized jack pads have a magnet that helps to hold them in place.

If you don’t use a jack pad, there’s a good chance that you’re going to damage the paint job on the bottom of the vehicle and also possibly damage the battery that is close to that area. 

If you are getting your tires rotating at a discount place, bring these jacks pads with you so that the mechanic will use them on your expensive Tesla.  Here are the best ones that I could find online:

Tesla Jack Pads by Teslapuck

These jacks pads come in a mesh bag making them easy to store in your Tesla.   They are designed to protect the battery of the Tesla and also the paint job.  They are great because you can use them with the following types of jacks:

  • 2-post lift jack
  • floor jack

They are smooth which is going to protect the surface of the Tesla.  They seem to have a rubberized coating which is a plus when something is connected to metal.  Plus they are fairly light at 1.39 pounds in total for the four. Click here to buy them online at Amazon.


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