Does Tesla White Interior Get Dirty – Do the White Seats Hold Up

Having a new Tesla is a great feeling.  Having super white seating and interior is amazing, but what happens over time? Will the seating start to become oily due to someone’s hands, causing dirt to stick to the material.  How long will they remove white and appealing.  When white material stains, the dirt is easily noticeable.  How excited are you going to feel once you have a stained material in your high tech electric car?

Does the Tesla white interior get dirty?  The white interior surprisingly remains white for a long period of time. The material used is stain resistant.  Nevertheless, if you purposely pure dirt onto the seat, some will remain.  Cleaning the white Tesla material is easy to accomplish.  You do not have to use a strong soap to do it.  Basically, you will need to simply wipe the dirt off of the interior. 

A person on Twitter had posted a photo of himself and his son in his new Tesla with a white interior.  Someone replied that it made her nervous to see kids combined with the white seating.  Musk commented that there was nothing to worry about.  The stain-resistant leather seating could deal with any tough liquid such as red wine that tends to stain the interior of some gas-powered cars.

Others on Twitter posted their personal experiments to see if they could stain the white interiors.  They all seemed to fail.  The whiteness remained with a quick cleaning in some cases.  For instance, the following items were put to the test on the Tesla interior: expresso, chocolate, red wine, soda, and even food coloring.

The odds of some of these items getting spilled in a Tesla are rare.  Personally, I try not to eat too often while in a car.  Just crumbs along can be a hassle.  Plus, items can get trapped in the crack of the seat,s or food particles could be dumped onto the floor.  In other words, just be reasonable while within your Tesla and you should be fine.  You do not need to lose sleep over the fact that a stain may appear in your lovely Tesla.

How do you clean the white interior in a Tesla?

It is rare that something will stain the white seating in a Tesla.  I have read that some people claim that the dye from blue jeans can remain the white leather.  I feel that it best to clean your seats on a regular basis.  Dye transfers seem to happen only after months of wearing certain materials such as new blue jeans.  It is the rubbing motion again and again that will embed the dye into the dye of the white leather in a Tesla.

It is like anything if you notice that dirt is starting to accomplish, deal with it right away.  Do not wait because it will be harder for you to remove a stain that has had a chance to truly embed itself into crevices that are not visible to the naked eye.

Here is a video showing what the white seats may look like after 8 months of use:

So how do you safely clean the white leather without removing the white dye or even damaging the leather? Here are some steps to follow that were suggested by dealers and some owners of Teslas:

  1. Use a leather cleaner that is not harsh to use.  You have to follow exactly the instructions before you do so.  Did not just start rubbing away until you have released your frustrations.  Here is a link to a product called CarPro Inside that is available on Amazon.  It was designed to work on the finished leather and other materials that are found within the typical high tech car.  This solution is able to remove even sunscreen that causes discoloration in leather.  I used to have a major problem with the interior of my car if I had added sunscreen onto my arms just before driving long distances.
  2. Another product that is recommended by some dealers is called Sonax.  You can buy it in the form of foam that is sprayed onto the stain.  It doe s not leave a sticky residue after use.  It is great because it provides long term protection to the leather.  Nevertheless, you will have to use it on a regular basis in order for it to work effectively. However, spending a little more time protecting your investment is a good financial plan.  To order 2 bottles of Sonax online at Amazon, click here.
  3. One owner claimed that just using isopropyl alcohol will do the trick. It is recommended within the earlier manuals for the Model x apparently. Although it is no longer there as a recommendation.  They also state not to use detergents that are abrasive in any way.  Some dish detergents are abrasive.
  4. One simple way to remove the dye from Jeans is something that perhaps you could try out.  Of course, you can watch countless videos on youtube showing others using specialized cleansers and conditioners, but sometimes people like to make things more complex than needed.  Buy a sponge, add some dawn dish soap to it, and rub the area that contains the dye. Now wipe off the soap and voila, a clean surface will be revealed.
  5. One brand people like to use on the white leather in a Tesla is Armor All, the cleaning wipes.  You can order them on Amazon by clicking here.  They are disposable wipes that will clean and even protect the leather from further staining.  You will not have to worry about getting grease on your hands, they do not leave any residue that is greasy.

Since I had mentioned that sometimes dye remains on the surface of the seats, I will explain what some people feel is happening.

Do jeans stain Tesla’s white seats?

I have read that an owner was concerned that his new blue jeans would end up staining his white seats.  I would suggest that you wash your jeans a few times before testing them out on your white tesla seats just as a precaution.  Apparently, people have stated that a bluish stain remains on the seats if you were to wear your jeans on a daily basis.

It is like any surface, you need to clean it once in a while.  If you have a beautiful white seat, you need to clean it at least a few days a week.  No need to spend a lot of time scrubbing away, but do some preventive cleaning.  Buy some baby wipes that are not scented and that do not contain alcohol and wipe down your tesla seats.  This process will only take a few minutes a couple of times a week.  Of course, it is rare that back seats are used, clean those down every few weeks.

Besides a quick cleaning on the seats, such you avoid wearing jeans period? I would say no.  I have about others that have kids that wear jeans all the time and that have not stained the white seats even after long periods of time.  There is a large portion of the white seat owners that never have a problem with staining, by blue jeans or spillages. If there was an indication that a large percentage of people were complaining about the blue dye sticking to the white material, I am sure that Tesla would have done something about it.

Just to give you an indication of the durability of the seating.  One Tesla owner claims that he has had numerous children in his vehicle for team sporting events and that he had never had a problem with staining.  Kids tend to have dirt and other materials on their clothing, but the dirt was never left on the seats.  He did mention that there was a slight tear on one seat. but that is what happens to any material at one time or another.

Nevertheless, the people that claim that have noticed stains due to blue jeans, really regret buying a Tesla that has white seats?

Do People regret buying a Tesla that has a white interior?

I decided that I would scour the forums to find out the real story, do most owners regret buying a Tesla that has a white interior? Here are some reactions from owners:

  1. One owner has had zero regrets.  He claims that he does not freak out when a stain appears, he just wipes it off with a baby wipe.  I have had hybrids with black interior that become stained, I just dealt with it.  The stains happened because of my overuse of sunscreen.  The damage was not permanent.
  2. Some owners regretting NOT getting white interiors.  They had read the horror stories from a small percentage of people stating that stains are going to happen that can never be removed.  Now that they had read more reports that are positive.  They are sorry that they had chosen the less appealing black interior.

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