Best Soap for Tesla – Cleaning Products that Work Wonders

Keeping your Tesla clean is important to avoid developing rust spots.  Also, the exterior paint should be cleaned often to ensure that harsh materials such as bird droppings do not ruin the finish.  I know that you are proud of your Tesla and you should treat it with care.  Here are concepts to keep in mind when buying car wash soap for your Tesla.

  1. Make sure that you buy a soap that will not cause swirling as you polish the surface of your Tesla.  As with most cars, polishing should not leave swirling marks that will be noticeable especially depending on which direction the sun is shining onto your electric car.
  2. I prefer not to use soap that waxes the car, it best to wax using a separate product. If you have a soap that also waxes, the strength of each component may be less.
  3. The soap must be strong enough to lift off the hard materials that are sometimes deposited by birds overhead.  Birds sometimes digest small stones and dirt since these substances aid in their digestion.
  4. Since you are probably environmentally prudent as an electric car owner, it may be a good idea to buy soap that does not require a lot of rinsing.  Rinsing a lot after washing your tesla is a waster of precious water.
  5. If you have a Tesla that has a matte finish, it is best to use soap that not harsh since the matte can be affecting easier than a normal finish.  Just a trick that I learned from someone in a forum that owned a lot of car with a matte finish.
  6. For the interior of your Tesla, look into waterless cleaning products that contain soap.  It not advisable to use a lot of water on the inside of your Tesla since water can puddle in crevices in the seating.
  7.  If you are planning on washing your car within a garage, it is best to use a no-rinse soap for cars that will dry very quickly.  There is nothing worse than washing your beautiful Tesla only to discover that it is full of streaks because of a soapy material that dried onto the exterior.
  8. Avoid using soap for your Tesla that claims that is it the perfect polish.  Some polishes can be abrasive and will cause tiny scratches in the finish if you were to rub too hard.

Here is a quick video of someone washing a Tesla 3 while relieving stress at the same time:

Now that I have outlined the characteristics of the best soaps for a Tesla, here is my list of top picks, all of which are available on Amazon.

1.  Citrus Wash and Gloss by Chemical Guys – This soap is great a Tesla because it actually creates a more brilliant shine compared to most of the waxes on the market.  It not a good plan to wax often your Tesla and by using this solution you will still get the same or better look without using a harsh wax on your Tesla.

It is designed to work well as a paintwork cleanser and gloss enhancer.

It is biodegradable which aligns with the environmentally-friendly electric car. Why use more expensive and harsher shampoos and cleaners for the surface of your electric Tesla?

You must dilute it with water, but it only requires one single cap full to wash a Tesla.  In other words, each container of this wash and gloss will last a long time.

Its citrus quality lifts dirt particles from the surface of your finish, allowing you to easily wipe off dirt without causing minute scratches in the finish of your Tesla.

It does not thicken up artificially to make you feel as it is working wonders.  Some car soaps lather up to trick you into believing that you are using wonder soap on your car.  Also, it does not contain lovely coloring or other useless additives that some soap companies tend to use to pretty up their soaps.

I have read that using Citrus wash on the windshield will eliminate the need to use Rain X.  After using this soap, the windshield will become squeaky clean and water will simply slide easily off the windshield without leaving behind ugly streaks.

One word of caution, make sure that you follow the directions carefully.  It is highly concentrated and it is must be highly diluted.  It works well, but at full concentration, it might leave a residue.  They state that you should add just one oz per 5 gallons of water.  That sounds like just a drop in a bucket, but you need to ensure that you do not add too much of the solution to your water bucket.

Click here to see the pricing on Amazon.

2.   Meguiar Gold Class Car Wash for Tesla – This car soap company is one that I had noticed because I had heard of someone noticing that their car tech was using the Meguiar wipes on their Tesla.  In other words, their products work well on the Tesla finish.

This solution is great on Teslas that have a wax finish. Some harsh soaps end up dissolving the wax layer on a Tesla, this solution protects it.

If you were to drive through a place that deposited contaminants and grime onto your finish, this soap has a foaming agent that lift off those particles which means that there will less chance of scratching occurring as you dry off the finish.

The soap has conditioners that give the finish a radiant shine that will enhance your Tesla’s paint job.

You can use this soap with a foam cannon which is always fun to use on a Tesla.  Or you can simply add it to a bucket and dilute the solution 5:1 for easy cleaning.

The manufacturer of Meguiar G7101FFP Gold suggests that you use the two bucket method for washing a Tesla.

  • Dip a wash mitt into your soapy water and wash just one section of your electric car.
  • Now, rinse off the mitt (click for microfiber mitt pricing) in a second bucket of clean water to get rid of dirt and grime that may have been picked up.
  • Pull the mitt across a grit guard (click for grit guard pricing) to remove even more of the dirt particles from the mitt.
  • Dunk the wash mitt into the soap solution once again and wash the next section.
  • Another tactic to add one of your grit guards to the soap water bucket to help even further with the mitt cleaning.

Regarding reviews of Meguiar’s gold product,  one person stated that it removes tar well.  They used to scrub off tar using harsh dishwashing soap. Now he just uses this product and right away he notices that the water turns a blackish color meaning the tar is coming off.  He does not need to scrub or to worry about causing scratches.  He lives in an area that presently is redoing asphalt and tar is a big problem for most car owners.

Click here to view the pricing of 1 gallon of Meguiar’s Gold Glass Car Wash

3. Armor All Foam Action – This soap has received great reviews because it does a number quickly on dirt and grime from roads, even the type of grime that is sometimes mixed in with car oil.

If you have noticed streaking on your Tesla after a car wash, using this Armour solution will allow you to have a streak-free and spot-free Tesla.  After rinsing, it does not leave behind a residue that happens with some other car soaps.

If you have ever used simple dish soap to wash your car, you will notice tiny micro-scratches appear in the finish over time.  Dish soap tends to contain an abrasive to breakdown food particles due to dried-on food.  Dish soap is dangerous to a Tesla’s finish.  Using Armour all-foam action soap will not cause scratching, it is mild enough to be used on any car finish.

I have noticed that some car washes leave behind dirt if it is dirt that has been well caked on.  If you have an extra dirt Tesla due to a trip in muddy terrain, this soap will get your Tesla back into shape finish wise.  You will be amazed at how easy it is to apply.  It does not require tons of rubbing with a wash mitt to deal with coated on dirt that hides in crevices.

For those of us that live in the wilderness and have to deal with tons of bugs and flies sticking to the front of our Teslas, there is nothing better than using a fast-acting soap that will dislodge these remnants.  Having bugs splattered on the front of a Tesla ruins its appeal especially with a white Tesla.  I have used other soaps that do not remove bugs that well. It took a lot of scrubbing and patience.  With this Armour solution, you will simply be able to wash off the bugs without applying much pressure at all with your wash mitt.

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