Best Rims for Prius – Top Wheels Give the Best MPG

Getting the best rims possible is going to push you even closer to getting the top look and the top miles per gallon for your hybrid.  Nevertheless, to have others notice your Prius, you need to have the sporty, yet the futuristic look of a high tech car.  You do have to be careful when you pick rims for a Prius.  If the rims are too large, it will have a negative effect on the mileage.  I have heard that 17-inch rims can cause you to lose around 2-3 miles per gallon.  However, those people were still satisfied because of the look of the Prius with massive rims.

Another aspect to watch out for is the overall weight.  For instance, you can get smaller rims that are still quite heavy.  Heavy rims will suck more gas because the rims are adding to the overall weight of the Prius.  The factory rims are made out of some sort of plastic and they look ok but not spectacular.  Obviously, Toyota’s main goal was to use rims that were lightweight so that testing of the mpg could be elevated.

Here are some characteristics to look for when purchasing tires for a Prius:

You need to have the correct bolt pattern and the correct offset for the tires to fit correctly.  Also, there are only certain tire sizes that work for the model 2004-2016, which are 15 inches up to 19 inches. Here are specs that I had found online:

Rims For the Prius 2016-2020:

  • Bolt Pattern 5 bolts x 100 mm
  • Offset 35 up to 53 mm
  • size of the rim from 15  to 19 inch, with a width from 6 to 8.5 inches

Rims For the Pirus 2004-2015:

  • Bolt Pattern 5 bolts x 100 mm
  • Offset 38 up to 45 mm
  • size of the rim from 15 to 19 inches, with a width from 6 to 9 3/4 inches

I have selected my top 5 rim picks for the Prius.  Just double-check the specs in your manual to ensure that the rims will work on your Prius. Another way to check is to enter your car’s year, your make, and your model into the fields at the top of a listing on Amazon to check to see if the rims will work for you. For my selections, I had verified the 2021 Toyota Prius.

RTX Aftermarket Steel Rim 

This rim is 15 inches by 6 inches in diameter.  It has an offset of 38 inches and it uses 5 bolts that are 100 mm.  The finish is black and the weight of each rim is just 19.3 pounds which is relatively low.  The lower weight the better for the miles per gallon for a Prius. What is great about these rims is that they are easy to install.

These RTX tires are great as normal tires or you can purchase the rim for a spare tire. They have been fully tested and actually have specifics that outdo the requirements that have been established by Toyota.

The rims are lugcentric which means that they will work on almost any Prius.  The rims are not hubcentric.

Some buyers were worried that the rims would not fit their Prius even after the amazon search determined that the rims would work well for them. I could not find any indication to the contrary.  One person even stated that the rims had solved a problem that he was having.  The rims that he had before were allowing air to escape, these new rims do not have this problem.

If you wish to buy these rims, click here to purchase them on Amazon.

Besides just rims, it is always a nice touch to have high-performance wheel covers that would match the rims.  Click to see the Spyder Pilot Black and Silver Wheel Covers for Prius, available on Amazon.  They provide a tight fit and are rust and corrosion proof.  The finish is durable.  There is a video available that explains how to install them correctly on your Prius.

The Pacer Black Modular Rime 83B-5627 for the Prius, Limited, Front Wheel Drive

These Pacer rims work well on a Prius.  They have the correct bolt pattern that calls for 5 bolts at 100 mm each.  The offset is at 41 mm which is perfect for a Prius.  Also, they look great because they have a black matt finish which makes them perfect for high-performance wheel covers.

One customer stated that it works on the Prius Prime 2017, whereas the rims did not work on his Toyota Corolla because of a larger size requirement.  In other words, it is best to check to ensure that these rims will work on your particular year and model.

Just be aware that they do not come with the lugnuts. You can purchase the gorilla 5 lug kit on Amazon.

Since they are black matt rims, it is best to get hubcaps that are silver in color in my opinion for your Prius.  Click to see my pick for 15 inch snap-on wheel covers.

Motegi Racing Rims for Prius with Red Accents

If you are looking for sporty rims, then you need to look further into the Motegi Racing Rims.  Click here to check pricing on Amazon.

They are flashy rims because of the black matt finish and the red stripe around the rim.  The center of the rim has an attractive image embedded as the center cap.

These rims are very durable proven by the fact that they come with a warranty against the lifting of the finish and peeling off of the finish.  This is a rare guarantee offered by rim manufacturers. Even the structure is guaranteed for the lifetime of your Prius.

Make sure that you purchase lug nuts because they are not included with these sporty rims. Get a pack of 20 lug nuts by clicking here. They are purchased by many customers of these rims.

Customers love these rims mostly because of the style.  Motegi has partnerships in the technical sense with many racing teams.  In other words, if you wish to make a strong impression on the street, you will do so with these racing rims.

One person mentioned that he had a red hybrid and that the rims matched very well because of the red racing stripe.  Also, he stated that the paint job is perfect. The paint is thick and very smooth which makes it easier to wipe off dirt or even salt during the wintertime.

Another point is that they are great for tough winters.  They are quite light which means that they may feel lighter than your OEM rims that are all season.  Nevertheless, you may need to buy some hub rings to ensure that they fit correctly.  Once you have them installed correctly, you should be problem-free.

American Racing Rims for your Prius AR95

These rims by American will make your Prius look like a racing car.  They are lightweight and they have a clear finish.  They have a center that is a logo of American Racing that is attractive and stylish.  They come with a lifetime guarantee for the structure and are guaranteed to keep their finish in perfect condition for one year.

They are not super lightweight, but 20 pounds is about the average for rims that fit on a Prius.

The company has been around for more than 60 years which means that they have a lot of manufacturing experience.   They have designed these rims in such a way to get the top strength at a reasonable weight.  Their quality is appreciated in the racing arena.  You will find many top racing cars that sport the American Racing Rim brand.

Once you have installed these rims on your Prius, you will feel as if you are driving around in a muscle car that has a vintage touch.

Konig Lace Black Rims LA77T04405 for Prius

I really like these rims for the Prius by Koniq because of the design that is spiderweb-like.  The company is fairly new at 25 years, but the quality of their rims is good.  They specialized in aftermarket rims which means that they are flexible with their offerings to cover more models.

The style is unique and your friends should notice right away that you had changed something on your Prius.  Click here to buy the Konig Lace Black Rims on Amazon. Due to their expertise in style, they are popular in the following markets:

  1. Euro
  2. Tuner
  3. Luxury
  4. Dub

You need to be aware that they are not included with centric rings that may be required for your vehicle.  Make sure to check beforehand.  Those rings are inexpensive.  You can check out some centric rings on Amazon by clicking here.

One situation from clients was they received the 10 bolt rims instead of the 5 bolt, they may still work, just double-check with your manual.

Here is a video explaining that a 10 bolt universal works with different 5 bolt patterns:

Not only are they attractive, but they also tend to keep their shine.  One customer stated that he has not had any problems with them due to rubbing on a surface, the shine remained.  Nevertheless, they do have a gloss black finish, so you will need to clean them often.  This is true with any rim that you might buy for your Prius.

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