Best Electric Cars for Tall Drivers 2020

If you are a tall person, you’re already know how hard it is to find a car that will fit you comfortably. If you are shopping for an electric car your options are going to be even more limited because of the number of Manufacturers that are involved in the electric car market.

The biggest concerns that I had when shopping for an electric car are finding one that I could afford and that I could fit into. I am 6-foot 2  and I’ve always had trouble purchasing cars that fit me comfortably especially since I have very long legs.  Just imagine if I were 6 foot 6 like some people that are car shopping for a great electric car. 

I’ve tested cars that I loved initially, but either felt claustrophobic or that my legs were not able to be extended fully which would make long trips very difficult to deal with psychologically.

When doing research for this article, I discovered that if the CEO of a company was relatively tall, there was a chance that at least a few models would be suitable for someone who is taller than the average person.

As a side note: I  was just taking into consideration people that are at least 6 feet tall in this article. 

Luckily the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk is over 6 feet tall. I realize that Tesla is a relatively expensive electric car but it has great reviews and it is comfortable for all seated passengers.

Elon Musk has been seen driving around in a Model S luxury sport sedan.

I also found a comment in a Tesla forum written by someone explaining that they have a Model S.  This commenter was 6 foot 2 and he doesn’t have any problem at all fitting into this Tesla Model. The only complaint that he had was that he couldn’t fit his bikes into the back of the vehicle which is another issue.

If you find that a Tesla is presently over your budget, you do have some other options if you are a tall person looking for an electric vehicle. 

The Nissan Leaf for a Tall Person

Personally, I would avoid purchasing one of these unless you’re okay with the fact that their battery management system seems to be quite weak. If you have a great guarantee or if you’re not afraid of searching around for a battery pack sooner or later, this is a great option for you as a tall person.

The price is good for a Nissan Leaf.  The seats are relatively short and not terribly supportive but on the plus side, it is easy to get in and out of a Leaf.

If you are constantly taking short trips where you have to get in and out of your vehicle quite often, this is the perfect option for you as a taller person. There’s nothing worse than having to unfold your body every time you wish to leave your car. 

I recommend the 240v charger for the Nissan Leaf made by Juicebox.  It is available on Amazon.

Another option for an electric vehicle for Taller People is the Ford Focus Electric Car

The Ford Focus EV has great seats that are extremely comfortable. Another plus for tall people is that its legroom is huge. This is something that is extremely important to me because I have very long legs with a relatively short torso.

I guess that the seats are high enough, but it hard for me to personally judge because of my shorter torso.  If you have a long torso, it is best for you to test drive this vehicle several times. 

The only major complaint I had about Ford Focus Electric space-wise as a tall person is that the footwells are strangely shaped, My feet did not feel to be well planted or terribly comfortable. If you tend to take long trips, this drawback might be a deal-breaker.

I recommend the Megear Charger that has a 25-foot cable for the Ford Focus.  Click here to see the current pricing on Amazon.

Smart Fortwo EQ – Not Too Small for the Tall

When you look at a smart car it almost makes you laugh seeing how small it is and how it could actually we parked like a toy car in the city.

What is surprising about a smart vehicle is that is great for tall drivers. You’re not going to have a problem getting in and out of it and your legroom is immense.

However, if you have a problem with feeling claustrophobic, this is not the vehicle for you.

Fiat 500e for Tall Drivers – Yes or No?

This car is a lot of fun to drive in the city. However, the seats are not perfect for tall drivers. You seem to be planted underneath the steering wheel holding on for dear life. It’s as if you have a barbell over your neck area.

I don’t like that sort of feeling because it makes me feel like a human pretzel. Nevertheless, it just depends on your body structure. It is best to try the Fiat 500e out as a tall driver just because of how fun they are to drive and how spacious they can be for the other passengers that might also be relatively tall.

The Plug-in hybrid to avoid as a Tall Person – Prius Toyota

With respect to the Prius Toyota,  there’s not really a lot of great things that I can say about this vehicle for tall person. But I thought I should mention it because it is a good buy for a hybrid. 

It is actually okay for me personally because of my short torso. Although for the average tall person, they are going to find that the seats are too short causing a lack of neck support.

It also has a spongy feel to the seats. It is if you are dealing with a waterbed behind your back instead of car seat upholstery.

Because of the lack of support, you might feel as if you’re vulnerable in this plug-in vehicle. If you take numerous long trips, I would avoid this vehicle.

Here is a list of hybrids that I feel are a Close to Perfect fit for Tall Drivers

The Honda Insight hybrid 

If you are a tall person that has numerous children to chauffeur around, this sedan is great for families. It has a lot of interior space and you’re not going to feel claustrophobic at all in this vehicle. It’s able to achieve 48 miles per gallon as a hybrid vehicle.

The Toyota Avalon hybrid

This vehicle has a roomy interior which is great for someone that has long legs and long arms. What I like about it is that it has a large trunk which is important if you are a tall person because you tend to have sporting equipment of larger sizes.

if you’re looking for a powerful hybrid for a tall person, this one fits the bill. Also,  it is cheap on gas like that of a compact car.

The Subaru Crosstrek

Something I noticed as being a tall person is that my body sways back and forth when I am driving over rough terrain even though I might have my seat belt fitted correctly. If you are looking for a hydrate is great for off-road activities, this is great to have as a tall person.

It has great stability so you are not going to be tossed around like a rag doll if you have to go over a bump. The only drawback with this vehicle that I could find was that the cargo area was rather small because that is where the battery pack is stored. Nevertheless, you’ll notice this battery pack positioning in most hybrid vehicles. 

The best choice is a Sonata plug-in hybrid for Tall Drivers

I’m a little bit biased because this is the vehicle that I own presently. I tried many hybrids and this is the one that really fit my body correctly. As I had mentioned,  I have long legs and a short torso, 

I’m not sure if the back of the driver seat is relatively low because of my short torso.  Nevertheless, I have never had a problem with the back portion of the seats in this vehicle. 

The Sonata Hybrid has a lot of space inside and it’s not going to make you feel claustrophobic at all.

I like the fact that the design of the dashboard is simple it’s not as distracting as some other electric-type cars that tend to relatively expensive. 

It’s very simple to operate and even as a person with long arms and long fingers,  I don’t have any problem operating instruments and sound system panels.

What is perfect for me is that the Sonata Plugin has a lot of legroom Even their footwells are spacious.  In the wintertime,  I do not mind wearing my winter boots because of the ample space in the footwell area.

Nevertheless, I did change the floor mats to custom ones.  This is something that I tend to do with any vehicle that I purchase because the custom ones are easier to keep clean. The floor mats that are installed from the factory or not the best quality for any vehicle. 

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