Best Cell Phone Mount for Prius – Phone Holders for Prius that Make Sense

When you were looking for a cell phone mount for your Prius,  you need to have one that’s not going to block any important devices that are on your dashboard.  Personally, I wouldn’t place it near the air vents so that the air is going to circulate correctly. Some people are okay with that because they believe that a vent will cool down their phone if there’s a lot of heat coming into the vehicle.

Here are some things to watch out for when you make your purchase of a cell phone holder for your Prius:

  1. If you’re okay with blocking a vent, make sure that it is a vent that is not important to you as the driver of the vehicle.  Many holders have a cable that resembles an elephant trunk that can be twisted into different positions, making it easy for you to accidentally block an air vent. I realize it’s not good to inhibit access to other mechanical devices, but blocking airflow can cause problems with the air conditioning.
  2. If you live in a climate that is sunny, such as Southern California, you may want to get a holder that has the ability to be positioned in a horizontal sense so that there will be less glare from the sun. And also you’ll be able to view the screen using your polarized glasses if it’s in this position.
  3. If you are the type of person that would like to remove your phone easily once your Prius has stopped, make sure that it is being held by a holder that has magnets since you be able to easily remove it from the magnets using one hand instead of having to use two hands if clips are involved.
  4. Since most of the vehicle functions that you access are on the dashboard, you should also consider getting a cup holder cell holder because that’s a perfect position to see the cell when driving. Also, cup holder cell mounts usually work well for an iPhone or an iPad because of their ability to extend the width of what is being held.
  5. Some people suggest that you attach a cell phone holder on the left side of the car close to the window, but I feel that this is a dangerous position because if the airbag has to deploy then your phone is going to turn into a projectile.
  6. If you have an older model Prius that has a  CD slot, you should consider a holder that attaches itself to the CD slot. Apparently, these holders are very stable when the car is in motion, and they don’t block out the view of the other devices in the Prius.
  7. You should also consider a cell phone holder that allows you to have easy access to the ‘plug in’ for your phone so that you can plug it into your car and charge it while you’re moving. If you don’t have easy access to the cell power cord connector, it is going to cause you a lot of headaches when you try to charge your cell phone.

My top picks for cell phone holders for a Prius. 

1. Torras Universal Cell Phone Holder for Prius  

I suggest that you purchase a Torras cell phone holder because is it extremely durable and it’s very stable when the car is moving.  It has gone through military level testing for sturdiness and stability and it outperformed most of the other phone cell phone holders on the market.   Personally, I would place it on the right side of the dash cluster in the Prius so that nothing is blocked from your view.

It uses a suction cup so that you can attach it to your windshield or to your dash.  It is able to stick to a surface at a temperature as low as -4F.  It can be reattached which means that you could take it home with you if you wish and then place it back into your Prius before a trip.  

Some people like to use the arm for this holder so that they can place the cell phone in a horizontal sense in front of an air vent. This screen position is going to provide you with a widescreen view on your cell phone. 

It can be clipped directly onto the air vent because it comes with a very sturdy clip that allows you to position a phone in vertically while its being charged.  Click here to see current pricing for the Torras Holder for Prius on Amazon. 

2.  Vanmass Car Phone Mount for Prius

This  Prius cell phone holder comes with a sturdy steel click for attachment to the air vent. It also comes with an arm that has a suction cup so that you can place it on the windshield, or on the dashboard.  The suction strength is amazing because they have done tests proving that it can hold as much as 44 lbs.

If you live in a cold climate,  you’d be surprised to learn that this holder can still remain attached when the temperature is  -40° Fahrenheit. 

Also, it remains in place even on the bumpiest of roads.  It has a bottom tray that is sturdy that holds the phone in place.   It is always great knowing that your cell phone holder is going to work well so that you don’t have to deal with your cell phone falling to the floor during a trip. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what type of phone.  It works with Androids or iPhones.  It even can hold onto the larger Android models. 

This Vanmass holder has one button release which makes it easy to release the phone with one hand instead of fooling around with releasing clips on both sides of a phone.

Something else that is great about it is that if you reposition the phone, it’s still going to hold correctly on to your dashboard or your windshield, or on your air vent.  It will take some effort to dislodge it because of the strength of the suction cup,  but you don’t have to worry about it your phone coming loose. 

One customer stated that he moves it back and forth between his Prius and his truck and he has never had a problem with it.  Some cell phone holders will not reattach strongly after repositioning them.

I recommend that you check out the Vanmoss holder on Amazon by clicking here.

3iOttie Car Mount Phone Holder – Perfect for Prius

The iOttie Cell phone holder is easy to use because it has a one-button release and lock mechanism.   This mechanism makes it easy to control the holder with just one hand which makes it perfect for a Prius customer.

You can move it into different positions because you can adjust it up to 225 degrees through the use of its telescopic arm.  This holder with an arm works well with all phones, such as iPhone and Android phones.   Some brands only work well with Androids but this mount covers all bases.

If you wish to permanently attach it to your dashboard, the dashboard disc can be used just once. If you wish to move it around and reposition it on the windshield, you can do so because of its suction cup.

The bottom of the cradle is called the bottom foot.  It can be adjusted up and down and also from side to side if necessary.  What is good about this cradle is that it can hold all smartphones even if they have a case included with the smartphone.  I read about a customer that had a case that was able to hold her credit cards at the same time and she was easily able to mount this holder in her Toyota Prius.

I checked to see if this holder worked for various Prius model years, and I found reviews from people that had a 2006 or a 2010 model. Their installations went easily with this model of cell holder.  One customer used it in front of an air vent.  The customer that owned the 2010 model of Prius had attached it to the dashboard and he didn’t have any problem at all doing so even though the dashboard was not completely flat in the section that he had selected. 

The only negative reports that I could find weres that it was hard to attach to certain sections of the dashboard because of the curvature of the dash. However, no one had complained about trying to attach it to the windshield.  I feel that the windshield is a great installation point because the center portion of the dash is higher in Prius and the use of the arm along with sticking the holder to the windshield puts the phone in a good position for viewing.  

Apparently, if you ever have problems with the suction cup, it could be that dirt particles are on the suction cup.   The manufacturer suggests that you run warm water over it to remove any residue and then dry it off before reattaching.

This iOttie phone mount for Prius can be detached from your windshield and then attached to your computer desk at home.  There are mages on Amazon showing just how easy it is to position it on a computer desk.  Click here to read Amazon reviews on the iOttie holder

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