How Much Battery Does Ludricrous Mode Use?

I have read that some Tesla owners feel that using the ludicrous mode is silly because it saps the battery super quick.  They claims that after using this mode that the battery power will be totally depleted.  Is this really true?  Just think about how many people accelerate quickly during a highway trip in order to pass other cars.  Would not more people complain about their batteries dying faster than before?

Would Tesla dare launch a feature that would dissatisfy most of its owners?  When someone buys a Tesla, one of the reasons is due to the high-tech aspect of these electric cars.  It is not because they are going to be featureless.  People are looking for futuristic, out of the box features that gas cars no longer can offer.  If they figure out that a fancy feature is destroying the driving range, would they not mention this often in the forums that Tesla engineers are following?

How much battery does the ludicrous mode use? The battery is not drained any faster in ludicrous mode than in the standard mode.  Some owners have used this mode on a continuous basis ever since they noticed that the option was available to them. They did not notice a shortening of the driving range. In other words, they were still able to travel just as far as before. 

The battery use is the same for the standard on ludicrous mode.  If you were to test two vehicles together, following each other, one is using ludicrous and one not, the battery use would be very close together.  A lot of differences in driving range depend on the driver’s habits, not on the particular mode that the Tesla is using.

How does the ludicrous mode work?

The ludicrous mode is neat technology that is able to increase the current draw to 1500 amps, from the once lower 1300 amps.  This does not sound too impressive on the surface, but this is not something that the engineers could accomplish in the past.  When you increase the amps, the temperature dramatically increases which can melt metal components that will end up blocking off the amps.  Tesla decided to add in a safety fuse that would monitor the temperature changes.  This fuse contains its own little battery that is lithium-ion.  It works in conjunction with a contactor that is made from some high tech space-like alloy material that can stand higher temperatures without melting.

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The ludicrous mode actually has three different settings:

  1. Ludicrous
  2. Ludicrous Plus
  3. Ludicrous Plus with Warp Mode

The ludicrous mode pushes the battery to close to its maximum with respect to the power it delivers to the engine.  But the ludicrous plus uses the maximum amount of power possible along with an added mode called the launch mode.  I personally do not see the benefit of using the plus mode unless you are showing off to your friends at a race track.  It heats up the battery even further which cannot be good for the battery pack.  If you are looking for a quick thrill, using ludicrous plus mode should prove to be thrilling.

Here is a video showing reactions to the ludicrous mode:

Activating the ludicrous + is a race car scenario.  You have to press in the brake and the accelerator at the same time.  When you are ready to launch, release the brake and you will release the Tesla forward at high acceleration that will push your head back.

If you are really adventurous and you want to shave off a tenth of a second at the racetrack during a run of a 1/4 mile, you will need to initiate the warp mode while using the ludicrous plus mode.  The reason that the speed increases is that the battery is pushed five degrees past its maximum safe level.  It is therefore something that you should not do very often if you truly care about your Tesla.

Since some owners of Tesla do not wish to be limited, these modes have been added in.  A lot of the speed modes are software-based, but it does make the owners feel as if they are tinkering with their electric car.  Gas-powered cars are made for added tinkering and alterations. The strict rules of science are more entrenched in electric cars, so any new feature that makes the owners feel as if they are more in control is welcomed.

Now that you know how ludicrous mode functions, how exactly is it activated in the Model x? It is quite simple after you have initiated it a few times.

How to activate the ludicrous plus mode in a Model x

This plus mode for the ludicrous is ready to activate within the Model x P100D cars.  It is not available yet to the P90D owners.  Here are the steps to follow to activate it:

  1. First, you have to make sure that you are using the latest version of the firmware.  You need to use at least version 2.52.22.  You can check the firmware by clicking on the Tesla logo that you will find at the top of the screen.
  2. Once you have the correct firmware, then go to the settings.
  3. Check the options for acceleration.  You will see the ludicrous mode and the sport mode.
  4. You will now need to press in the button for ludicrous.  Make sure that you hold in the button for at least five seconds.
  5.  If you had activated it correctly, you will see the screen fill with Spaceballs.
  6. They provide a warning so that you are aware that you could cause damage to the gearbox, battery, and even to the motor itself.
  7. Then a message appears that provides an option: ‘no, I want my Mommy’, or ‘yes, bring it on’
  8. If you had picked the obvious, you will then be notified that the battery will need time to warm up in order to provide the maximum level of power to the battery.
  9. Once the temperature of the battery has reached 50 degrees celsius, you will good to go.
  10. Now you will need to come to a complete stop, turn on the launch, then force down the pedal.

You notice that you are accelerating at a high rate.  Apparently, you should be able to cover one-quarter of a mile within 10.4 seconds according to a tweet by Elton Musk.

Using this high acceleration rate is great, but what happens if some sort of strange warning light turns on? What does it mean?

Is it more expensive to buy a Tesla Model 3 that has the ludicrous mode?

It is more expensive to buy a tesla that has the ludicrous mode as an option.  The difference is not great though.  In 2019, you could buy a Model S that had a long-range for $83,000.  The same year, for a Model S Performance that includes the ludicrous mode, the price tag was $114,000.  A guess that if you wish to reach 0-60 in 2.4 seconds that it will cost you.

The ludicrous mode is being replaced by the Plaid mode available in Model S since the end of January 2021.  It provides a 0-60 rate of less than 1.9 seconds due to its three-motor set up.

Is the Ludicrous mode really worth it?

I guess that comes down to how often you use the ludicrous mode.  A lot of people are feeling that paying the extra amount for P100D versus the more affordable non-ludicrous mode 100D is not worth it.  The mode is a special thing that it pointless unless you wish to show off to your friends just how fast you are able to accelerate in a quarter-mile track.

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One owner stated that he does not miss having the ludicrous mode.  At first, he used it a lot and was even leaving it engaged for long periods of time.  Nevertheless, using the full extent of it was not possible that often because he was mostly driving within city limits.  A big burst of acceleration is frowned upon on city streets.

It depends on your personality.  If you would never tire of the thrill of launching forward in your Tesla, then have the ludicrous mode is actually crucial.

Another way as to why it might be worth buying a Tesla with this mode is that is it makes a lot easier to pass cars using the mode.  It will pass cars faster than most cars on the market, including ones such as a Ferrari.  There is nothing worse than passing a car going at a snail’s pace which ends up taking close to a minute to accomplish.

Besides being able to pass fast, if you are trying to justify the cost, you could highlight that the drivetrain will last longer due to the ludicrous mode.  It utilizes an inconel contactor and it also has a powered fuse that will increase the life of the drivetrain.

The added parts are a plus due to the ludicrous addition to a car, but how often will you be able to enjoy the feel of strong acceleration if you were to live almost all of the time in a city setting? One reviewer states that if you leave the mode engaged, that you will always notice a difference.  You will have that sense of being pulled forward once you accelerate.  You will feel as if you are more in control and that you are driving around in a high tech speed monster even on city streets.

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