Best Phone Holder for Nissan Leaf

A lot of electric cars like the Nissan Leaf do not have a cell phone holder.  Most states do not let you hold your phone in your hand while driving, so finding a mount for your cell phone is important.  Nevertheless, you need one that going to last for the life of your car.  A cell holder that is not going to easily detach and allow your cell to fall to the floor of your electric car.

For your leaf, you could brace your cell phone using a clip that is magnetic.  If you tend to turn quickly and to drive erratically, you may need to buy a cell phone holder for your Nissan Leaf that is magnetic.  Proclip.  Strong magnets will ensure that your phone does not fly around in your fast-moving Leaf.

Are magnetic phone holders Any Good for a Nissan Leaf?

You can use a suction cup type of phone holder in a Nissan Leaf, but I find that blocking the windshield is not the most productive and safest way to support your cell phone while driving.  Personally, I feel that using a magnetic type holder in a Leaf is a good plan.  Also, it will not block the air vent. They using come with the following:

  1. Magnetic mount that gives a lot of magnetic pull that will hold your cell in place even over rough roads and quick turns.
  2. You should get one that will swivel your display so that you do not have to play around with the phone while driving.  I have had some holders that release the phone in the middle of a trip that causes me to pull over just to remount the phone.
  3. Get a magnetic holder for your Nissan Leaf that is sturdy.  Do not get a holder that has thin plastic that will break if you are rough with it in the slightest way.  There are not a lot of vibrations in a Leaf, but sometimes roads will cause vibrations that can not be avoided.
  4. I like the interior design of the Leaf, so buying a magnetic holder that is well designed will match this nice interior.  You do not want a cell holder that looks as if you bought it in the dollar store.

Usually, with a magnetic holder, there will be a ball and joint apparatus that might break, but I have not read about this happening very often.  Nevertheless, when mounting the magnetic holder, make sure that you clean well the dashboard surface so that the adhesive pad will lock the holder well in place.  If you apply it to a dirty surface, the holder might dislodge over time.

One tip that I read about is to apply to a more vertical surface so that you will be able to have the cell phone screen face the driver directly.  It might take some playing around to find the perfect position to mount the holder, but once you do, you will be happy for a long time.

Something else about a magnetic holder is that they are usually universal.  I have friends that have android phones that might branch their phone with my leaf, and they can mount to the typical magnetic holder. If someone has a large phone that is mounted at an air vent, more of the air would have been blocked than if I were to mount my iPhone.

What are the characteristics of a phone holder for the Nissan Leaf?

  • You need to have a holder that will not block a big portion of the upper air vents and the side vents in the Leaf.  Electric cars need to work efficiently when cooling the air because that uses up the electrical charge.  The freer the vents are to cool the air, the further you will be able to travel on a full charge.
  • If you buy a clip for your leaf to attach your phone, make sure that it has multiple clips that will be able to to attach to one of the vents.  In the leaf there are just three slots in the air vents, make sure that the holder has two clips that will be able to used so that phone is very stable.  A holder with a single click is not advisable.
  • You need to buy a Leaf cell phone holder that has custom docks for various phones unless you know that you will always buy the same brand of phone for the lifetime of your electric car.
  • This might seem like an option that is frivolous but get a holder that comes with an extra piece of adhesive in case you end up moving the position of the holder.  I did so once and it was a pain to accomplish.  The tape is usually not sticky enough to be removed and applied in another dashboard location.
  • Nevertheless, some people do not try to overthink their purchase for a cell phone holder for their electric Leaf, they just buy a simple clip that attaches to the air vent.  If you are able to deal with shutting down that vent while you are alone in the car, this would not cause a vent problem for you and also you would end up using less electricity per trip.
  • You could get a smaller holder that fits on the left vent on the driver’s seat of the Leaf. It will be out of the way and will be less of a distraction.  We already are being distracted in a car by the audio console and maybe by a talkative passenger.

My Top 5 Picks for the Best Cell Phone Holder for a Nissan Leaf:

1. iOttie Easy One Holder Windshield – This holder would work well in a Nissan since it does not take up a lot of the windshield and it is easy to move around.  If you were to use an adhesive type of holder, moving the holder around is a hassle. So those of us that need to place the holder in another area on the windshield, perhaps needing to please the passenger, this is the perfect Leaf cell phone holder.  It has a one-touch release mechanism that is patented  Also, its arms will hold the phone by automatically closing.  You will not have to fiddle around with the arms with two hands to attach your iPhone to the holder in mid-route.

I like it because you can easily position the phone in portrait or landscape mode.  Landscape mode is great when using GPS during a long electric car voyage.  Also, you can place the holder at the lower part of the Leaf windshield, just in front of the middle vents.  This will save space in your windshield since many people are concerned that they will not be able to see the road as well with s holder that has a suction cup.

Check the current pricing for the iOttie by clicking here.

2. Vicseed Nissan Leaf Cell Phone Holder – If you are concerned about getting a holder for your Leaf that has a longer arm, get the Vicseed holder.  It allows you to position the cell phone totally out of the way of the windshield. This holder is durable since it made out of PTFE material.  Aa a proud Leaf owner, it seems pointless to buy a holder that can be scratched easily that degrade your interior. It is universal which means that you can attach an android or an iPhone to it.  Some holders are brand specific.

The pivoting ability of the Vicseed is amazing.  It can be moved up or down and from side to side.  It works similar to an arm that you would see on a space station but at a fraction of the cost of course.

Also, charging it is a snap.  There is an opening at the bottom of the holder that allows your charge cable to easily exit at the bottom so that you can plug your phone into your Leaf charging port.  I hate it when a holder looks nice and then the cord is all twisted around in my nice electric car.  This can ruin the streamlined look of a Leaf.

Buy this holder by Vicseed today on Amazon by clicking here.

3. Lorima Car Cup Holder Phone Mount Perfect for a Leaf If you want to have a cell phone h0lder that is not in the way of the air vents or suction-cupped to the windshield, buy the Lorima for your Leaf.  This mount fits snuggly into the cup holder in the Leaf since it has sides that will keep the holder in place.  It has a  long snake-like arm that is great for most phones, including most phones and android phones.  The gooseneck phone holder makes you feel as if you are part of a science fiction movie, but it is fun to have since it is flexible and stays in place.  It can hold your cell at almost any angle, including at angles that will make your passenger happy.

Here is the link to click on so that you check out the current reviews at Amazon for this gooseneck Leaf Cell phone holder.

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